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Today we live in a developed and modern society, with many advantages which may cause negative effects to our health.  People living in big cities have to deal with polluted environment (air, land and water), noise, radiation burden (satellites, antennas for mobile telephone communications – electricity, even in the house electrical appliances, mobile phone, computer, etc.), food with less nutrients, smoking, alcohol, drugs and abuse in general, excessive drug use as well as stress. 

In order to maintain or to regain a good health for a long period, our body should be physically and spiritually balanced. It is very important to prevent than treat afterwards.

We should built and maintain good health from the base, the finer elements of our body, our cells.
In order to have proper operation and positive information in the cells, we must be fed properly with the two basic elements, oxygen and light.

This way the total function of the body operates like a chain and an overall harmony exists.
Another key factor of our body is the vital energy that must flow without disabilities throughout the body, this way all organs are fed properly.

Each organ needs a corresponding diet in order to have sufficient energy for its operation and to be able to feed with energy the next organ.

It is important to give energy and rest our body according to our biological clock. This way we can keep energy at normal levels.

In our days, there are many factors that have a negative affect on our health and which we do not even notice.
GEO HEALTH exclusively  distributes and imports new medically approved health systems and products which are already used in modern medicine and other health entities, for many years in many countries around the world.
The new systems are ideal assistance tools that offer complete diagnosis and enhance cell body healing, in order to have in a natural way good health, physical and spiritual balance.

Also GEO HEALTH organizes Seminars for interested parts with interest in new health methods in order to improve health by physical ways.